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Architects' Houses

ISBN: 3421041083
SPRACHE: Deutsch
AUTOR: Michael Webb

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Klappentext zu „Architects' Houses “Wenn Architekten für sich selbst bauenEine exklusiv kuratierte Sammlung der 30 innovativsten Architektenhäuser weltweit.Wenn Architekten für sich selbst bauen, können sie ihre Ideen und Visionen kompromisslos umsetzen. Der in Los Angeles lebende britische Architekturexperte Michael Webb nimmt den Leser mit auf eine Reise um die Welt. Zu 30 inspirierenden Häusern der innovativsten Architekten: kompakte Stadthäuser oder Refugien auf dem Land; großzügig oder reduziert; extravagant oder minimalistisch.

...hitecture Educational & Sports Healthcare Architecture Hospitality ... The spectacular homes architects build for themselves - CNN Style ... ... Michael Webb is a Los Angeles-based writer who has authored more than twenty books on architecture and design, most recently Architects' Houses, and Building Community: New Apartment Architecture, while contributing essays to many more. He is also a regular contributor to leading journals in the United States and Europe. Growing up in London ... Architects' Houses (30 inventive and imaginative homes architec ... Houses | Dezeen ... ... Architects' Houses (30 inventive and imaginative homes architects designed and live in) [Michael Webb] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What does an architect's dream house look like? Explore the homes of thirty of the world's most talented architects. Inventive and imaginative homes in 17 different countries. Spacious or frugal After a busy day at the drawing board, what kind of homes do today's top architects return to? Find out in this fascinating glimpse into the ... We hired The House Architects to design and project manage the extension to our house and renovation of the existing house. The design for the extension exceeded our expectations, creating a fantastic space which is now the core of family lif...